• IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch Replica Review

    The SIHH is coming to an end, and now we all know that the big releases for most of the exhibiting brands (or Maison, if you wish) and of course in the CBI this is the year of Da Vinci. The perpetual calendar chronograph in red gold achieved in December, early exposure, but also has a steel brother, and we had the opportunity to see in it, go with hands, and see how the wrist feels.

    IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch Replica Review From https://www.iwcwatchreplica.co/!

    By number and functionality, of course, it is exactly the same as the pink gold model – 14.5 mm thick and 43 mm in diameter, with with hinged pins and IWC 89630 caliber, with a power reserve of 68 hours, water resistance of 3 bar and a Santoni leather strap stainless steel folding buckle.

    The price is considerably lower than the gold model for the steel model; $ 29,900, compared to $ 40,200 for the Gold version. Aesthetics is more sober and utilitarian as well, though as with the gold model, I think it’s a beautiful combination of design features from the Da Vinci complex in the 1980s and more contemporary updates this year.

    IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch Replica Review From https://www.iwcwatchreplica.co/!

    The design, however, and of course, is very polarizing; The 1980s Da Vinci era was very sober in this regard – much more than pure instrument of IWC watches in the pilot collections and Aquatimer, for example. However, this is quite a part of the history of the IWC – pocket watches early era had more and less cloaked IWC watches, but perhaps in the 1950s and 1960s were the best utilitarian things. The largest claw seems to be much more than the amount that is considerably at 14.5 mm; However, once on the wrist, it is significantly reduced by the hinged flaps, making it a very convenient wristwatch despite the bare figures.

    The movement in this particular example worked, but unfinished, so we have images of folded omitted; Other representative images will follow soon. Meanwhile, the level of quality on the dials really impressed; The management of the lunar phase, the quality of the hands and the numbers to apply and so on, are all as it should be on a nearly $ 30,000 terrible clock (but it is much less frequent than it should, which really exists to notice when it happens. More information about high quality replica watches!

  • Replica IWC Da Vinci Tourbillon Chronograph Watch For 2017 Review

    The Da Vinci Tourbillon Rétrograde Chronograph is one of the flagship models inside the revamped for 2017 IWC Da Vinci collection. The watch functions a flying tourbillon, a retrograde date show, and a flyback chronograph, all powered by means of a self-winding in-residence motion with numerous interesting technical functions. it is also got all the cultured hallmarks of the new IWC Da Vinci series too, so let’s take a more in-depth look.

    Replica IWC Da Vinci Tourbillon Chronograph Watch For 2017 From https://www.iwcwatchreplica.co/!

    One of the greater thrilling aspects of the watch is the tourbillon, that is a flying tourbillon, that’s geared up with a forestall-seconds characteristic, to allow to-the-2d correct placing of the watch. It’s a peculiarity of the tourbillon that the presence of the cage has traditionally tended to discourage watchmakers from placing a prevent-seconds mechanism in tourbillon wristwatches, of direction a part of that needed to do with the truth that until nicely after the Quartz disaster you could have counted the number of tourbillon wristwatches at the palms of one hand.

    The trouble is that a forestall-seconds hassle commonly works by a small lever that presses at the stability wheel when you pull out the crown, but any such mechanism might be blocked via the tourbillon carriage. If you need to buy into national stereotypes, you may say it is no longer unexpected that  of the groups which have found out a way round this trouble with a stop-seconds tourbillon are German.

    Replica IWC Da Vinci Tourbillon Chronograph Watch For 2017 From https://www.iwcwatchreplica.co/!

    In reality from each from Glashütte: Moritz Grossman and A. Lange & Söhne. Schaffhausen isn’t always in Germany but it’s surrounded on three sides via the German border, it’s now not as though Switzerland is not additionally concept of as a home of obsessive devotion to precision.

    The lever and get away wheel are silicon, this is stated via IWC to make contributions extensively to the enormously long sixty eight, hour power reserve and, really, it is genuine that the decrease mass of silicon approach much less strength misplaced at the escapement. to start with, the watch can be presented in purple gold best, and on a Santoni strap. Top replica IWC watches!


  • Replica IWC Portugieser Hand-Wound Tourbillion Watch Report

    Last week, the IWC unveiled its latest creation, the Portuguese Rope Portugieser Tourbillon Edition ‘D. H. Craig USA. This watch pays tribute to the founder of the IWC and its benefactor, combining a traditional whirlwind steering movement with a bold Portugieser case and a dial.

    Replica IWC Portugieser Hand-Wound Tourbillion Watch Report From https://www.iwcwatchreplica.co/!

    We thought it was worth a bit of fanfare, so we gathered about 100 guests at the IWC boutique badge on Madison Avenue to see the clock on the metal and toast with the IWC team. The guests were greeted by Edouard Arbaumont, President of the IWC North America, and his own editor Jack Forster offer a history lesson.

    There was even an original movement of the nineteenth century D. H. Craig, thanks to the generosity of a collector who lent for the event. This year, IWC Schaffhausen celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Portugieser family clock. Its rich history reflects the development of the watch company based in Schaffhausen, a renowned international luxury watch brand.

    Replica IWC Portugieser Hand-Wound Tourbillion Watch Report From https://www.iwcwatchreplica.co/!

    In the late 1930s, two Portuguese businessmen controlled watches with precision marine timers from the International Watch Co. at the time, the only way to provide the required accuracy was to use a large caliber pocket watch. That is why IWC watch manufacturers chose pocket watch movement of the Hunter Hunter 74, which fortunately crowns on the right side, and housed in a wristwatch box. AAA Best price IWC watches Report!

  • Replica IWC Automatic Aquatimer 2,000 M Watches Description

    This particular version of the Aqua has the highest rating of each model’s depth of the current aqua collection, but this is not the first CBI estimated at 2,000 M. The first was the ocean 2000, which was made in 1982 Despite the extreme specified depth a collaboration with Porsche Design, the watch – as the first watch with a titanium case and bracelet – was not particularly large, 42 mm x 12, 6 mm; It is not a dress to see by any means, but still not very robust modern standards.

    IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 is, however, that you have no doubt about its hardness. It is 46mm x 20.5mm, while the SafeDive telescope system probably includes some additional weight and thickness. SafeDive The system consists of an outer ring, inner lining to be rotated by an internal passage; The idea is to combine easy operation of an external bezel with the legibility of an inner bevel.


    A dive watch with a system of SafeDive is actually very similar to the construction of a modern submarine – submarines, usually have an outer shell, which provides a good simplification and rationalization, and a helmet of the inner pressure areas provides the life and the Work of the crew. Similarly, the SafeDive system includes an outer housing (the outer enclosure being mounted), the inlet and outlet of water, and an inner housing which is responsible for protecting the movement. The outgoing at 9:00 is recording the coupling mechanism to connect the inside and outside shows.

    Domed sapphire crystal is clearly visible above the telescope, whose design reflects the IWC Ocean 2000 of at least 3-4 mm, and of course, the movements used in the original 2000 and 2000 meters of aqua ocean are quite different. 2000 ocean callus used to the CBI. 3752 (related to the ETA 2892 movement), which is slightly thinner than the IWC cal. 80,110 in this aqua.


    The 80110 caliber was launched in 2005 in the new engineering engine and is 30mm x 7.26mm, including the IWC Pellaton lift. It is a little thicker than the ETA 2892 3.6mm thick, but probably a more robust option for a technical dive watch.
    Now talk, in depth. Each meter of water brings additional pressure above the atmospheric pressure at sea level; The exact amount is an additional 1,422 pounds per square meter per meter. High quality replica IWC Aquatimer watches report!

    The deeper you get, the more difficult the water grows on you. The professional association of dive instructors (PADI) recommends 30 meters as a limit for scuba diving when the pressure is 42.67 psi. If you breathe normal air, which is mainly nitrogen and oxygen, your body will absorb additional nitrogen than nitrogen is already compressed in your body . On the surface, which has dissolved about 1.5 liters of nitrogen in the blood and in body fluids; 10 meters, but (an atmospheric pressure) this double the value of three liters.

  • Replica IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watches Description

    The first Da Vinci wristwatches were a pretty radical change from everything the CBI had done before. The barrel-shaped and round-bottomed pillars are extremely dressed, and the level of complexity is something very new to the IWC. The major topic of discussion was the perpetual calendar mechanism; The first, and indeed the first perpetual calendar in which every indication could be established by the crown, with the day, date, month and year and phase of the moon, everything changes in synchrony with each other, So Da Vinci the ancestor of all perpetual calendars modern synchronized mechanisms.

    Replica IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watches Description From https://www.iwcwatchreplica.co/!

    The Da Vinci has become the vehicle for other experiences as well; Ceramic models without metal coated came out in 1986, and Da Vinci versions equipped with whirlpools were also introduced. The perpetual calendar of the IW392101 Ref. IW392101 is in many ways a return to the more formal aspect of articulated pods 1985 cylindrical models were changed to a more contemporary style, however (though still articulated) and the chronograph and crown pushbuttons have been Updated too.

    The most significant change, however, is in motion. The original Chronographs of Da Vinci perpetual calendar used a 7750 (the highly modified Valjoux perpetual calendar plate designed by Kurt Klaus was used on another of the same period clock, including Novocento Long Interruption Calendar with an F. JLC watches or roughing).

    Replica IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watches Description From https://www.iwcwatchreplica.co/!

    However, the new models use the perpetual calendar chronograph movement of the CBI – caliber 89630. The configuration is very similar to that used by the CBI Kurt Klaus Edition for, and is a classic: a high precision lunar phase (specific one Gap in a day in 577.5 years) and a four-digit year display, which can show until the year 2299.

    At that time, a watchmaker will replace the two figures figures of the century with a new one for the period 2300- 2599. The movement of the flyback chronograph 89360, which was the basis of the caliber 89630, a coaxial totalizing minute and hour at 12:00, and the CBI has combined this function with lunar phase disc at 12.00 hours (as used In perpetual automatic internal CBI Caliber 52610 calendar). High quality replica IWC watches report!

  • Replica IWC Portofino Automatic stainless steel Watch Description

    In an industry, in glamorous boutiques full of champagne and caviar the king and electronic commerce are calling for a phone call, IWC will take a big step forward. It was announced that they will sell a sample of its collection in the luxury online fashion retailer Mr Porter. This club should not be surprised (well, well, we are a little surprised) because it is the parent company Richemont Yoox Net-a-Porter group (among which Mr. Porter falls) and IWC.

    So what does it say about the current state of the market clocks? It is no secret that Richemont, and the rest of the Swiss watchmaker market, is fighting. With a projected sales decline of 45% in the coming months, Richemont clearly needs to rethink its strategy.

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    Last week Stephen gave the news that Richemont has been shaking things clearly through the restructuring of its members and CEOs. More specifically, Georges Kern, CEO of IWC, has nominated and received the title of Head of Watch, Marketing and Digital for a position on the Board of Directors.

    If you deal with online sales of watches IWC Mr. Porter this message – probably one of the most beautiful experiences in online trading IMHO (delivery the same day in New York!) – This can only mean that Richemont is recibiendo- board with the Internet and advance with online sales.

    Best quality replica IWC Portofino Automatic stainless steel Watch from https://www.iwcwatchreplica.co!

    So what will be for sale at Mr. Porter? A fine selection of watches aviator watches brands, engineer, Aqua, Portugieser and Portofino, including Portugese Tourbillon Mystère declining model. Pilot watches and parts of the Portofino collection will be available in Net-a-Porter from November 16th. The pilot watches, engineer, Aqua, Portofino Portugieser and families, including Portuguese Tourbillon Mystère signature Rétrograde model, who live in Mr. Porter, November 17th. High quality replica IWC watches!

  • IWC Big Pilot Platinum Limited Edition ref. 5002-02 Watch Report

    Today’s post, luxury IWC watches in sport! That was NBA Great Michael Jordan Wearing An IWC Big Pilot While Receiving The Presidential Medal Of Freedom.

    High quality replica IWC Big Pilot Platinum Limited Edition ref. 5002-02 Watch Report from https://www.iwcwatchreplica.co/!

    Make way outside the five NBA MVP trophies, MJ. at the White House, Michael Jordan in NOV 22, 2016- you know, the guy who won six NBA championships (where he was the MVP of the Six Finals) and who is the absolute leader in the league in points per game – received the Medal President of Freedom by President Obama. And what MJ was on his wrist while receiving the highest civilian honor of the nation? This appears to be an IWC Big Pilot Platinum Limited Edition, ref. 5002-02.

    The petition was made by the IWC in limited quantities, from about 2003 to 2006. Michael Friedberg, the IWC historian, wrote that references 5002-02 (blue line) and 5002-03 (black sphere) were made In very small quantities for each year of production, and the IWC does not officially have figures published in numbers with blue or black dial. The reference 5005-02 was initially announced at Baselworld in 2002.

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  • Replica IWC Connect Watch Review

    IWC Connect is an electronic module that will be included in some IWC watch straps, adding fitness tracking functionality to IWC clocks, as well as the ability to connect to the Internet of Things. The first IWC watches to get IWC Connect will be the watches from your Big Pilot. In concept, IWC Connect is very similar to the Montblanc E-Strap (hands here), which was a module of “smart notification” and fitness tracking that aBlogtoWatch debuted in late 2014 (which gained a remarkable amount of opinion ).

    Each of these solutions conveys the very specific message of traditional watchmakers who understand that their customers want to enjoy the latest technology, but do not want to feel like they are giving up (or having to make a difficult decision about) their traditional mechanics.

    Replica IWC Connect Watch Review From https://www.iwcwatchreplica.co/!

    They enjoy. Both IWC and Montblanc are part of the Richemont Group, which for a long time has been seen as a testament to traditionalism in the watch industry. However, IWC and Montblanc are led by the two most advanced CEOs of all Richemont Group brands – Georges Kern and Jerome Lambert, respectively.

    IWC has offered very little information on IWC Connect at this time, but in the words of IWC, “the idea behind this new innovation is to allow IWC watch owners to control their connected environment directly from the wrist while maintaining the integrity of A handcrafted Mechanical Clock “. That certainly sounds like the Swiss we know. IWC Connect will take the form of a round module inserted into IWC belts that may or may not have a real screen (though, I suppose so). IWC Connect will likely include Bluetooth and possibly NFC connectivity as well as “full track activity”.

    Replica IWC Connect Watch Review From https://www.iwcwatchreplica.co/!

    That may mean that IWC now wants you to wear your watches to sleep.
    The price and availability of IWC Connect have not yet been announced, but IWC promises more information in the coming months. Devices like this are not particularly unexpected at this time, as the traditional watch industry realizes that it must offer a response to smartwatches, such as the Apple watch. Although, in some cases, the question is asked if the correct approach would simply be to make a leash where the module is actually an Apple clock.

    I say this because my feeling is that traditional watch users will want to wear a mechanical watch and something like an Apple watch; And Swiss mechanical watchmakers are the first to admit that they are not manufacturers of electronics or software. We could be pleasantly surprised with IWC Connect, and I hope to share more as this story unfolds in the coming months. Best quality replica IWC watches on sale with low price!


  • Replica IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Monopusher Chronograph Watch Review

    What is the attractiveness of a classic monopusher chronograph? We may be looking for one of the most appropriate answers to this question: with the reference 5151 IWC Portofino Monopusher Hand Chronograph, IWC checked all the boxes with a beautiful dressed chronograph, supported by an impressive movement in a Name of Portofino.

    While the IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Monopuller is indeed great, when you turn it over and see the movement through the back of the case, you have a better idea of why the case is so … generously sized. Like the stretched hood of a V12 E-Type, the IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Monopusher houses the rather beautiful and totally 59360 caliber of IWC.

    High Quality Replica IWC Portofino Monopusher Chronograph Watches from x-watch.co!

    The 59360 is a hand movement with time, date, power reserve indication and a 60-minute chronograph that is activated, stopped and reset via a single button integrated in the crown. Staining at 4Hz with a power reserve of 192 hours (8 days), the chronograph mechanism is modular and includes a column wheel.

    Despite its modular architecture, the IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Monopusher chronograph is only 13 mm thick, making it more cumbersome on the wrist than most simple sports watches. The movement is treated to a beautiful finish that accentuates its open design and the lack of a rotor winder. With an indexless balance and a Breguet spring, the 59360 features vertical strips and beveled edges on the main plates.

    High Quality Replica IWC Portofino Monopusher Chronograph Watches from x-watch.co!

    Naturally, the movement of the single-pusher chronograph omits the double-pushers commonly seen on other chronometers, as now the single push-button for the chronograph has been integrated into the crown already large enough. Therefore, the crown-pusher piece projects considerably from the already massive affair and so yes, from time to time, the crown and the pusher will dig into the skin on your wrist. Still, the end result is a very classic, effortlessly dressy – and maybe a little nerdy. Congratulations to IWC for a classic design that does not directly imitate the aesthetics of a vintage model.

    Finished with a matching – and truly beautifully worked – alligator strap by Santoni and a matching 18k gold belt buckle, the IWC Portofino Monopusher handpiece sells for $ 25,400 for red gold and $ 27,100 for the ” White gold with slate dial. Large and in charge, the IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Monopusher combines IWC’s considerable mechanical know-how with their grip on a modern but classically inspired chronograph. High quality replica watches with low price!

  • Replica IWC Pilot’s Special Edition ‘Le Petit Prince’ Red Gold Watch Review

    As part of this year’s important watch sale, Sotheby’s auctioned a unique red gold IWC special edition Pilot watch with a chronograph version of “Little Prince”. We look at the stainless steel version of the Children’s Book Inspiration Watch, this special edition is being auctioned to benefit the Antoine de Saint Exupery Youth Foundation. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, like the author of Le Petit Prince (en Français), is a passionate pilot who has authored numerous books on this subject.

    AAA Replica IWC Pilot’s Special Edition ‘Le Petit Prince’ Red Gold Watch From x-watch.co!

    It is difficult to find the “Le Petit Prince” watch the attraction, while in red gold, which is completely beautiful. The blue face has seven stars, as in a stainless steel model, a gold plate that “lights up” a random star every day. This is not too practical, because you have to allocate a star for the day – but this is not a practical part. Rather, the function is whimsical and unique – more of the style of this work.

    The red gold case features seven stars and asteroids that access the planet’s inhabitants. And, if you forget it is a kind of “unique pieces” of the word is engraved on the back of the case. In addition, it has a brown calf leather strap and red gold buckle.

    AAA Replica IWC Pilot’s Special Edition ‘Le Petit Prince’ Red Gold Watch From x-watch.co!

    Watch has a 44 mm case, sapphire crystal and anti-reflective coating on both sides. Movement 79420 movement speed of 28,800 bph, 44-hour power reserve. It also has a waterproof rating of 6 meters, although we suspect that buyers will put this watch through a lot of diving. The stainless steel version (of which there are 1,000) went for $ 12,700. Although we did not auction estimates, the one-off red gold version of the suggested retail price of about 29,500 Swiss francs. High quality replica IWC watches for you to choose from!


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