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  • New For Year 2017: IWC Ingenieur Watches Replica

    As a newcomer, and entry-level model, replica IWC Ingenieur Automatic 40, as seen above, with IW357001 references, and IW357002 IW357003 for just under $ 5,000 and from there that upgrade to a steel bracelet or Solid 18 carat red gold. Inspired by IWC Ingenieur watch replica‘s 666 reference, the first Ingenieur dating back to 1955, the silver version in black leather most resembles its predecessor. It is a little known fact that before the launch of the engineer in 1955 IWC had made some military pilot watch with soft iron cage to protect the movement of magnetic fields increasingly strong still present in more developed and better fitted 1940 cabins ditching the driver DNA IWC Ingenieur replica watch was a beautiful dress style dress designed more than you guessed it, pilots.
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    The collection has received its most significant reform in 1976, when Gerald Genta has redesigned. That’s another story. It is designed to be an automatic production chronograph in relatively high caliber quantity with a 7750 type layout, but it has a column wheel replacing the cam drive system being the most notable difference. The operating frequency is still 4 Hz, and the power reserve is 46 hours, so the other specifications are quite close to the famous chronograph caliber.

    As for aesthetics what is new in it in relation to the limited edition of last year is that it now has massive rotor and always impressive winding watches with large cuts and bevelled edges unlike the small embossed piece that was present in The 2016 models based on comparable models last year, the price of the IWC Ingenieur Chronograph should start around $ 7 200. The collection of the new collection 2017 digital calendar Perpetual calendar IWC Ingenieur, a 45 mm wide piece and 17.5 mm thick 18 karat gold red, based on a truly impressive movement: IWC Caliber 89800.
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    Built on it Base that the sport chronograph 89000, this piece adds a perpetual calendar to the mix, seasoned with digital signals for the month and date at 2 and 10 hours, respectively. Good design trick is how openings are framed by what appear to be sub-brand, although no function runs on the periphery could come across a no-no design in the eyes of the watch design purists. This latest extension of the IWC Ingenieur collection is a reasonable approach unless you are one of those who took a limited edition from last year, thinking it was a unique opportunity.

    Automatic 40mm through chronographs, these make for a strong core collection while the perpetual calendar continues to impress with this special movement. The IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Sport lack very explicit color, most likely not opposed to the limited edition of 2016, making it safer than the thrill of a design. Hot news for AAA IWC Ingenieur watches replica!

  • Review: New IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Watch Replica For SIHH 2017

    New IWC Da Vinci perpetual calendar watch replica for SIHH 2017 is housed in an elegant, round casing with a slightly narrower bezel with its peripheral groove. This elegant case measures 43 mm in diameter and 15.50 mm thick and is protected by a sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment on both sides. The watch factory in Schaffhausen has two IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar replica of the envelope.
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    18ct gold red color model ref. IW392101 has a silver dial and is together with a dark brown crocodile strap Santoni ends with the search for a red gold folding clasp, while the stainless steel version ref. IW392103 comes with a slate colored dial and a smooth black crocodile leather strap by Santoni.

    Under the sapphire crystal is an impressive line, which is full of information. As I have already mentioned, a chronograph hour and minute display are combined in a dark blue sub-line at position 12 of the lunar phase of the perpetual calendar.
    Review New IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Watch Replica For SIHH 2017 2
    The moon and the earth’s shadow are shown on a single disc and spin with an opening in the lower part of the summer. There are also three other counters, known as an indication of the date being placed in position three, on the other hand, in the 9:00 position, there is a day counter.

    During a month indicator and a small second-hand share of the same sub-dial at the 6 o’clock position. You have probably noticed that IWC Schaffhausen, the large Arabic numbers of the Da Vinci Round has taken over and is also thin, throwettgestaltete hands. More information about best replica IWC Da Vinci watches replica!

  • Introduce: IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch Replica

    By the number and functionality, of course, is the same as the red gold model – 14.5 mm thick and 43 mm in diameter, with articulated legs, and the caliber IWC 89630 automatic elevator, with a reserve 68 hours of electricity, water resistance of three bars and A leather strap with folding clasp Santoni stainless steel pleats. The price is significantly lower for the steel model for the gold model; $ 29,900 against $ 40,200 for the gold release. The aesthetics is somewhat sober and utilitarian, too, although as with gold model, I think it is a combination of design signals is complicée Da Vinci‘s 1980s and contemporary news to this year.Introduce IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch Replica From

    The slate-gray dial gives the watch also a disillusionment as a gold model, and if you were the whole gold, which was thought a little too flowery for your own good, the steel finish has a subtle but definite instrument though that sets against the case and Decorated sleeves.

    The design, however, and not surprising, is quite polarizing; The Da Vinci‘s 80s were very niche in this – much more than instrumental IWC watches and pilot in a collection, for example. However, this is part of the history of the IWC for some time – since the beginning of the era of the pocket watch, there have always been watches IWC increasingly attracted, although in the 50s and 60s utility. The biggest claw so far seems to be far from the thickness, which is 14.5 mm in size, but once on the wrist, it is significantly tempered by the articulated legs, it is a very comfortable watches wear despite the raw numbers.

    Introduce IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch Replica From

    The movement in this example worked but incomplete if we omitted the case of images; Most representative finishing pictures will be available soon. However, the quality of choice furniture really stands out; Dealing with the lunar phase display, the quality of the hands and numbers applied, etc., are all fantastic (as they should be in a watch of almost $ 30,000, but this happens much less frequently than actually should not notice it when it happens). More information about best pop IWC watches replica!