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  • Introduction:Year of the Dragon with IWC Portugieser Chronograph IW371629

    With a legacy of horological excellence spanning over a century, IWC Schaffhausen continues to captivate watch enthusiasts worldwide with its exquisite creations. The brand’s remarkable journey is marked by iconic timepieces that seamlessly blend technical prowess with artistic flair, earning a reputation for unparalleled craftsmanship and innovation. Among these exceptional offerings, the IWC Portugieser Chronograph “Year of the Dragon” IW371629 stands out as a symbol of prosperity, good fortune, and the enduring bond between humanity and nature. This extraordinary timepiece not only embodies the rich cultural heritage of the Chinese zodiac but also showcases IWC’s unwavering commitment to horological artistry.

    Year of the Dragon with IWC Portugieser Chronograph IW371629

    A Legacy of Excellence: IWC Portugieser Chronograph

    The Portugieser collection, renowned for its timeless elegance and meticulous attention to detail, has become synonymous with IWC’s commitment to creating exceptional timepieces. The Portugieser Chronograph, a prominent member of this distinguished family, seamlessly integrates the functionality of a chronograph with the refined aesthetics of a dress watch. Its impeccable design, characterized by a classically proportioned case, clean lines, and harmonious dial layout, exudes a timeless appeal that transcends fleeting trends.

    Year of the Dragon with IWC Portugieser Chronograph IW371629

    Year of the Dragon: A Symbol of Strength and Prosperity

    The Year of the Dragon holds immense significance in Chinese culture, representing strength, power, and good fortune. This mythical creature is revered as a symbol of prosperity, longevity, and wisdom. Its presence in art, literature, and mythology reflects the profound cultural significance it carries. Drawing inspiration from this rich symbolism, IWC has crafted the Portugieser Chronograph “Year of the Dragon” IW371629 as a tribute to this auspicious animal.

    Design Elements: A Masterpiece of Artistic Craftsmanship

    The IWC Portugieser Chronograph “Year of the Dragon” IW371629 is a testament to IWC’s unwavering dedication to horological craftsmanship and artistic finesse. Its stunning dial features an intricate engraving depicting a majestic dragon soaring amidst clouds, rendered with exceptional precision and detail. The dragon’s scales, whiskers, and claws are meticulously crafted, creating a lifelike representation that captures the essence of this mythical creature. The vibrant burgundy color of the dial adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the timepiece.

    The case of the IWC Portugieser Chronograph “Year of the Dragon” IW371629 is crafted from stainless steel, a material renowned for its durability and resistance to corrosion. Its polished finish exudes a luxurious luster that complements the intricate details of the dial. The case size of 41 millimeters strikes a perfect balance between presence and wearability, ensuring a comfortable fit on a variety of wrist sizes.

    Year of the Dragon with IWC Portugieser Chronograph IW371629

    Movement: Precision and Performance

    At the heart of the IWC Portugieser Chronograph “Year of the Dragon” IW371629 lies the Calibre 69355, a self-winding movement meticulously engineered by IWC’s master watchmakers. This robust movement boasts a power reserve of approximately 46 hours, ensuring reliable performance throughout the day. The chronograph function, featuring a central stopwatch seconds hand and 30-minute and 12-hour counters, enables precise timing of events. The movement’s intricate construction, visible through the transparent sapphire crystal case back, showcases the exceptional craftsmanship and technical expertise that define IWC’s watchmaking heritage.

    Replica IWC Portugieser Chronograph: A Symphony of Craftsmanship and Affordability

    While the IWC Portugieser Chronograph “Year of the Dragon” IW371629 is a remarkable timepiece, its exclusive nature and limited availability may put it beyond the reach of some watch enthusiasts. However, discerning collectors seeking an exceptional timepiece that embodies the same spirit of craftsmanship and elegance can turn to replica watches. Replica watches, when crafted with precision and attention to detail, offer a compelling alternative, providing the opportunity to own a timepiece that captures the essence of the original at a more accessible price point.

    Praise for the Replica IWC Portugieser Chronograph

    Replica iwc watches have garnered significant praise from watch enthusiasts and collectors alike for their meticulous attention to detail, exceptional craftsmanship, and affordable pricing. These timepieces are meticulously engineered to replicate the original models in terms of design, functionality, and overall aesthetics. The use of high-quality materials and precise manufacturing techniques ensures that replica watches offer a level of quality that rivals that of the original timepieces.

    Replica watches provide an opportunity for watch enthusiasts to appreciate the beauty and functionality of iconic timepieces that may otherwise be inaccessible due to their rarity or high price tags. These timepieces allow individuals to express their personal style and appreciation for horological craftsmanship without compromising on quality or breaking the bank.

    The IWC Portugieser Chronograph “Year of the Dragon” IW371629 is a masterpiece that embodies the fusion of horological excellence and cultural symbolism. Its intricate design, exceptional craftsmanship, and auspicious symbolism make it a captivating timepiece that celebrates the rich heritage of the Chinese zodiac. While the original timepiece may be unattainable for some, replica watches offer an opportunity to own a timepiece that captures the same spirit of excellence and artistry at a more accessible price point.

    Key facts and price

    IWC Portugieser Chronograph “Year of the Dragon”
    Ref. IW371629

    Case diameter: 41 mm
    Case height: 13.1 mm
    Material: Steel
    Water resistance: 30 m

    Movement: Cal. 69355
    Features: Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph
    Frequency: 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz)
    Winding: Automatic
    Power reserve: 46 hours

    Strap: Black calfskin leather strap, with an additional burgundy rubber strap

    Limited edition: 1000 pieces
    Availability: Available at IWC boutiques, retailers, and
    Price: US$9,350; or 14,500 Singapore dollars

  • Replica Watch Review: IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Reference 5032

    Today well bring you the iwc portuguese perpetual calendar reference 5032 replica watches review. The fee of the reference 5032 iwc portuguese perpetual calendar replica in white gold is about $35,000 please confer with your nearby iwc provider on this, not an exact fee, and having visible this watch first hand nowadays inner iwc’s headquarters, i’m able to say, from a person who sees absolutely great watches every single day, this is something unique.

    Now if you understand anything approximately iwc and its records with IWC Portuguese perpetual calendars replica, you understand that mr. Klaus designed the primary qp lower back in 1985 that become completely operational with the aid of just the crown, which means no pushers in any respect. The movement internal this portuguese is no distinctive.
    Replica Watch Review IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Reference 5032
    The day, month, moonphase, and year are all completely in sync, constantly. I spent the day putting out with iwc in schaffhausen working on a little video challenge a good way to be geared up in about a month. However, whilst bumming around bugging anyone from the museum curator to kurt klaus himself, i came throughout what’s just seriously a beautiful watch.

    I am speakme approximately the iwc portuguese perpetual calendar Reference 5032 replica in white gold with a blue dial. Which means in case you forestall wearing the watch and it stops walking, you don’t need to set every indicator in my opinion, however rather, simply set the date with the crown and all else with alter itself thus. However that plenty, i knew before seeing this portuguese with blue dial, and it is without a doubt the dial that blew me away.
    Replica Watch Review IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Reference 5032
    It is probably difficult to tell in these pictures, but the combination of a white gold case and radiant blue dial is simply killer. In fact, the dial appears to change tones in distinct lighting, and in vivid solar, it’s miles without a doubt suitable. Of course, inner this iwc is their very own perpetual calendar quality 51614, which includes the well-known pellaton winding gadget, and seven day strength reserve.

    Also, whilst this watch in white gold with a blue dial isn’t always officially a constrained version, i was told that due to restrictions on the fabric used to produce this fine of blue for the dial, it is subsequent to impossible to return by way of and produced in limited quantities. Here to find more popular IWC Portuguese replica watch reviews!

  • New For 2017: Replica IWC Portofino Moon Phase Watch

    This week, new for 2017, replica IWC Portofino Moon Phase Watch released! The new IWC Portofino moon phase replica watches, on the other hand, should be a watch. The movement inside is the same in the new area Portofino hand lift found ground movement containing ref. 5101. Since this basic model, this watch has a little time to three hours, small second at six and a gear reserve display at 09 hacking, for eight days to reserve. But besides all this, you get an excellent display of the moon phase at 12 o’clock, and it changes the clock completely.
    New For 2017 Replica IWC Portofino Moon Phase Watch
    Firstly, it has a lunar phase complication. This is the complication that IWC Portofino has emerged, there is more than 30 years, and one of the current queue was badly needed. It was available on the replica IWC Portofino phase Moon 37, but comes with diamonds on the bezel and or too Compose, so it is a different story.

    This is a revival in a great event Portofino is just an event. The original IWC Portofino moon phase replica reference 5251, was a great show because of its movement. It was guided by a pocket watch movement that turned IWC 90 degrees and with a moon phase indicator. You could call it a watch, and officially, but only because the movement is placed in a box with legs and a leather band, that is.
    New For 2017 Replica IWC Portofino Moon Phase Watch
    It can be worn on the wrist. In the sign and size, it was a pocket watch of the nineteenth century. Since the moon when phase module is 1.5 mm in height to gain, but that is where the changes end. This is a great show, of course, but it is a little similar. I am sure that the new moon phase hand does not have the same experience as the original IWC Portofino, and acts as lightshows, should deliver somewhat more compact but I also like the two references, that are bound by three separate decades as they do.

    Even if you are not usually in larger watches, then it is somewhat charming about it. The Portofino hand lift moon phase will be available for $ 13 000, in stainless steel and it will also be a model in red gold with a gray slate gray dial. Both watches come to a dark brown alligator with a hairpin band provided by Santoni. Thank you for reading, we will be back next week! Want to learn more about AAA IWC Portofino replica watches reviews, just follow the link.

  • New IWC Portugieser Tourbillon Watch Replica Launched in 2017

    Iwc wristwatch replica ever made, the portuguese sidérale scafusia added in 2011. Powered through the same calibre 94800 determined within the discontinued ingenieur with the same functions, the replica IWC portugieser tourbillon consistent-pressure has an aperture at 9 o’clock that reveals the centrepiece of the motion, a big tourbillon regulator. Although the tourbillon itself is massive, the cage measures nearly the radius of the dial and the stability wheel is handiest barely smaller, the development is compact, with the steady force mechanism incorporated into the tourbillon.
    New IWC Portugieser Tourbillon Watch Replica Launched in 2017
    Evolved in collaboration with complications developer chronode. Founder jean-francois mojon worked at iwc for a decade before beginning chronode. The tourbillon has a tiny spring established underneath the escape wheel. Once a 2nd this spring accumulates and releases strength from the mainspring, ensuring that the escapement is driven by a small, consistent deliver of energy.

    This in flip keep the balance beating at a steady amplitude, and also gives the tourbillon cage a rotation that actions in a single-second steps. In contrast to the IWC portuguese watch scafusia that included a celebrity chart on the lower back of the watch, that is why it is an huge 17.5mm in peak, the IWC portugieser tourbillon replica constant-pressure is a incredibly slim 13mm, inspite of the excessive domed sapphire crystal.
    New IWC Portugieser Tourbillon Watch Replica Launched in 2017
    The again reveals the movement and its workmanlike end. Traditionally iwc has never been associated with decorative completing. Clever and concise engineering turned into its component. So the practical look of the movement is in keeping with the brand’s identity. The IWC portugieser tourbillon consistent-pressure is customisable, with the patron capable of blend and suit for the case, dial and strap.

    The case is available in crimson gold or platinum, with the selection of four metallic finish dial colorations, as well as a extensive range of straps. Similarly customisation past the options presented is feasible, but probable at considerable extra cost. That’s all for today! You can learn more IWC portuguese replica watches news from iwcwatchreplica!

  • New SIHH 2017 IWC Da Vinci Replica Watches Collection Review

    The 80s again at this yr’s SIHH 2017 within the shape of 3 whole collections of watches from cartier, IWC replica watch, and girard-perregaux, and the manufacturers definitely had ladies on their thoughts, too. This trio of collections has confirmed three matters inside high-quality watchmaking: antique is here to stay, ladies’ watches need to be greater than diamond encrusted, smaller versions of their male opposite numbers, and types are bringing their beyond returned to lifestyles with a bang. Without similarly ado… we introduce to you: cartier’s panthère, IWC Da Vinci replica watches, and girard-perregaux’s laureato.

    New SIHH 2017 IWC Da Vinci Replica Watches Collection Review
    The HH journal is an online guide masking watchmaking news in all its paperwork and is published by means of the fondation de los angeles haute horlogerie (fHH) which changed into created in 2005. The fHH pursuits to elevate cognizance and sell the values of nice watchmaking on an worldwide foundation. The HH magazine is written with the aid of twenty journalists placed during the important global markets and takes a comprehensive method to watchmaking, which includes technical as well as monetary, ancient, and human elements.

    The HH magazine is dedicated to first rate merchandise with a day by day update of its written or multimedia content material. See a few examples of latest HH magazine content material underneath and click on the headline to read the full article. One of the most sizeable trends at SIHH was manufacturers “toning down” their services and increasing their entry-level levels. They have got in the end found their footing in reality however there is nonetheless one unknown element: the patron, ideally younger and less willing towards luxury.

    New SIHH 2017 IWC Da Vinci Replica Watches Collection Review 1

    Given the pointy decline in swiss watch exports over the last 18 months, excellent watch manufacturers have no other desire than to recall how perfect their merchandise are to an inventory-heavy market, wherein brick-and-mortar distribution reveals itself an increasing number of in competition with on line income. The HH magazine seems at what brands are doing to reach new audiences and to lure the “new era of luxury shoppers.”

    The chronograph is arguably the maximum beneficial difficulty within best watchmaking. A mission for watchmakers, but one which lends a sporty sense to watches. How often do you spot a person going about their enterprise, to then stop and use their chronograph? And but, when it comes to the chronograph watch, there are apparently countless selections. Has it come to the point now wherein the usage of a chronographs will become a measure of a watchmaker’s skill, in place of a timepiece preference for its functionality. The HH magazine takes a better look at the brand new releases of SIHH 2017 and ultimately whether the chronograph continues to be applicable. High quality IWC Da Vinci replica watches!

  • Replica IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watches Description

    The first Da Vinci wristwatches were a pretty radical change from everything the CBI had done before. The barrel-shaped and round-bottomed pillars are extremely dressed, and the level of complexity is something very new to the IWC. The major topic of discussion was the perpetual calendar mechanism; The first, and indeed the first perpetual calendar in which every indication could be established by the crown, with the day, date, month and year and phase of the moon, everything changes in synchrony with each other, So Da Vinci the ancestor of all perpetual calendars modern synchronized mechanisms.

    Replica IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watches Description From!

    The Da Vinci has become the vehicle for other experiences as well; Ceramic models without metal coated came out in 1986, and Da Vinci versions equipped with whirlpools were also introduced. The perpetual calendar of the IW392101 Ref. IW392101 is in many ways a return to the more formal aspect of articulated pods 1985 cylindrical models were changed to a more contemporary style, however (though still articulated) and the chronograph and crown pushbuttons have been Updated too.

    The most significant change, however, is in motion. The original Chronographs of Da Vinci perpetual calendar used a 7750 (the highly modified Valjoux perpetual calendar plate designed by Kurt Klaus was used on another of the same period clock, including Novocento Long Interruption Calendar with an F. JLC watches or roughing).

    Replica IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watches Description From!

    However, the new models use the perpetual calendar chronograph movement of the CBI – caliber 89630. The configuration is very similar to that used by the CBI Kurt Klaus Edition for, and is a classic: a high precision lunar phase (specific one Gap in a day in 577.5 years) and a four-digit year display, which can show until the year 2299.

    At that time, a watchmaker will replace the two figures figures of the century with a new one for the period 2300- 2599. The movement of the flyback chronograph 89360, which was the basis of the caliber 89630, a coaxial totalizing minute and hour at 12:00, and the CBI has combined this function with lunar phase disc at 12.00 hours (as used In perpetual automatic internal CBI Caliber 52610 calendar). High quality replica IWC watches report!

  • IWC Big Pilot Platinum Limited Edition ref. 5002-02 Watch Report

    Today’s post, luxury IWC watches in sport! That was NBA Great Michael Jordan Wearing An IWC Big Pilot While Receiving The Presidential Medal Of Freedom.

    High quality replica IWC Big Pilot Platinum Limited Edition ref. 5002-02 Watch Report from!

    Make way outside the five NBA MVP trophies, MJ. at the White House, Michael Jordan in NOV 22, 2016- you know, the guy who won six NBA championships (where he was the MVP of the Six Finals) and who is the absolute leader in the league in points per game – received the Medal President of Freedom by President Obama. And what MJ was on his wrist while receiving the highest civilian honor of the nation? This appears to be an IWC Big Pilot Platinum Limited Edition, ref. 5002-02.

    The petition was made by the IWC in limited quantities, from about 2003 to 2006. Michael Friedberg, the IWC historian, wrote that references 5002-02 (blue line) and 5002-03 (black sphere) were made In very small quantities for each year of production, and the IWC does not officially have figures published in numbers with blue or black dial. The reference 5005-02 was initially announced at Baselworld in 2002.

    Click here to learn more: High quality replica IWC watches!

  • Replica IWC Pilot’s Special Edition ‘Le Petit Prince’ Red Gold Watch Review

    As part of this year’s important watch sale, Sotheby’s auctioned a unique red gold IWC special edition Pilot watch with a chronograph version of “Little Prince”. We look at the stainless steel version of the Children’s Book Inspiration Watch, this special edition is being auctioned to benefit the Antoine de Saint Exupery Youth Foundation. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, like the author of Le Petit Prince (en Français), is a passionate pilot who has authored numerous books on this subject.

    AAA Replica IWC Pilot’s Special Edition ‘Le Petit Prince’ Red Gold Watch From!

    It is difficult to find the “Le Petit Prince” watch the attraction, while in red gold, which is completely beautiful. The blue face has seven stars, as in a stainless steel model, a gold plate that “lights up” a random star every day. This is not too practical, because you have to allocate a star for the day – but this is not a practical part. Rather, the function is whimsical and unique – more of the style of this work.

    The red gold case features seven stars and asteroids that access the planet’s inhabitants. And, if you forget it is a kind of “unique pieces” of the word is engraved on the back of the case. In addition, it has a brown calf leather strap and red gold buckle.

    AAA Replica IWC Pilot’s Special Edition ‘Le Petit Prince’ Red Gold Watch From!

    Watch has a 44 mm case, sapphire crystal and anti-reflective coating on both sides. Movement 79420 movement speed of 28,800 bph, 44-hour power reserve. It also has a waterproof rating of 6 meters, although we suspect that buyers will put this watch through a lot of diving. The stainless steel version (of which there are 1,000) went for $ 12,700. Although we did not auction estimates, the one-off red gold version of the suggested retail price of about 29,500 Swiss francs. High quality replica IWC watches for you to choose from!


  • Replica IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Top Gun Watch Report

    SIHH 2016 looks like the age of the contraction of the nations and the old-fashioned minimalist, their large pilots watch the top gun and big pilot watch chronograph Top Gun watch is no exception. Interestingly, IWC refers to the present (now about to leave) large pilot’s gun with a “compact 48 mm case.” Well, in this case, the new model is about to be fully refined, the top gun down to 46 mm, large pilots chronograph watch pistols shrink from 46 mm to 44 mm. This move will certainly split the views, but a slightly reduced size may make it easier to wear, especially for large pilots of the watch.

    Image result for IWC Big Pilot's Watch Top Gun Watch

    There are two aesthetic decisions that conform to the IWC‘s return to the more classic pilot’s watch. The first is to decide to remove the red aircraft profile from the second hand. Another change is that they are removing the colored Top Gun logo printed on the back of the watch (joined Top Gun Miramar since 2012). They now opt for a more cautious, engraved logo. In addition, another new theme in 2016 is to add calfskin belt. For this watch, they are using the relief black calfskin strap replacement fabric strap.


    IWC has been very strange, because they choose to make their chronograph is less than non-chronograph version. As IWC big pilots watch top gun (refer to IW502001) shortened 2mm, IWC large pilot’s chronograph top gun (see IW389001). It dropped from 46mm to 44mm, losing the triple date display as well as a more traditional single date window. The date window generally seems to be a particularly nasty detail for many watches, so I suspect that removing the Triple Date Display from the big pilot’s watch chronograph raised protests, as well as several other pilots’ watches would be too insidious.

    Image result for IWC Big Pilot's Watch Top Gun Watch

    IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top gun 44mm wide case with a thickness of 15.5mm looks handsome black ceramic. This, as well as the titanium alloy used for the bottom cover and other parts, should make the IWC Big Pilot’s wristwatch chronograph wristwatch worn on the wrist quite lightly. IWC also noted that the “soft iron inner shell” was used to prevent the magnetic, but did not give us specific instructions how to diamagnetic make the watch. The conical, screw-in crown helps maintain acceptable water resistance of 60 meters.

    For the three-handed IWC Big Pilot’s top-of-the-gun watch, the familiar white triangle with two points on the side has moved from the ring to the 12 o’clock mark on top of the IWC logo. The IWC 51111 has a fantastic 7 day (168 hour) power reserve, and runs at 3Hz. The dial has a 6 o’clock date display, a convenient power reserve indicator, and a red flash on the black and white dial. The IWC uses a patented pawl winding system that allows this movement to establish its equivalent power reserve with a rotor rotation of 1960 rpm. High quality replica IWC watches on sale with low price!

  • Replica IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Monopusher Chronograph Watch Review

    What is it about the attractiveness of a classic single pump chronograph? We are looking for one of the most appropriate answers to this question: References 5151 IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Monopusher Chronograph, IWC has checked all the boxes with a beautiful dress chronograph that supports the impressive movement in watch accessories Portofino name.

    In metal, this 45mm wide Replica IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Monopusher Chronograph Watch is big but far from brash or blingy. Platinum or platinum can choose 18k white gold or red gold, white gold dial to deal with color dial, and red gold with silver dial. As we will see here, our IWC Portofino family traces between classic and modern, blurring the edges of dress and leisure, and often looks effortless.

    While the IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Monopusher is really great when you flip it and view the movement through the back of the display case, you’ll better understand why such a case is so … generous size. Like I-V12 E-Stretch Cover, IWC Porto Feno Hand-On-Monopusher Chronograph House IWC quite handsome and full-scale caliber 59360. 59360 is a manual winding movement, time, date, power reserve indicator, 60 – The minute chronograph is activated, stopped and reset by a single button embedded in the crown. At a power reserve of 4Hz for 192 hours (8 days), the timing mechanism is modular and has a train wheel.

    Unlike the IWC Portofino, we have the opportunity to examine how the chronograph-capable components are installed in the IWC’s powerful 59000 base caliber, Provide enough juice for eight whole days. A large but sufficiently sized and shaped plate which ensures that the majority of the additional wheels of the timer cover have only about a quarter of the movement leaving enough room to explore the underlying base caliber and that after each press the Basic size column wheel propulsion.

    Replica IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Monopusher Chronograph Watch from

    Despite its modular architecture, the IWC Porto Handrail single-gun chronograph is only 13mm thick, making wrist no more cumbersome than the simplest sports watch. The movement is handled to a cute finish, attached to its open design and lack of a winding rotor. With no index balance and Po et springs, the 59360 has vertical stripes and bevels on the motherboard.

    The dial is designed to be compact, direct, using a combination of classic and more modern elements (such as the sub dial and power reserve red accents). Readability is strong and the view of the dial is retained with reflective sapphire crystal. The marker is applied and captures the hue and color of the precious metal box option with a flickering light that fits nicely. High quality replica watches on sale with low price!

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